The Purple Bike

Our excitement this week has been watching Frincess learn to ride her new bike.

We have all noticed how many children here on Earth have push bikes. Do you have a bike?

frincess-on-bikeBy the way did you know that a bike is actually known as a bicycle?? Can you say bicycle? So now you know that when somebody says the word bicycle they are talking about a bike.

They look like so much fun and so Frincess decided this was her next venture. She wanted to learn how to ride a push bike safely.

Well we have all discovered by watching Frincess that riding a bike is not as easy as it looks. It takes an awful lot of balance and concentration.

What a frustrated Frincess from Frogo we did see!!!

Ah but the determination she displayed we knew she was not going to give up learning how to ride her bike any time soon.

Even when she rode straight into a tree which made her fall off there were no signs of her giving up to learn how to ride her bike. Do you think Frincess would give up learning how to ride her bike after hitting a tree? … No, she wasn’t giving up at all. She just dusted the dirt off her pretty pink dress, pushed her pigtails back, picked up her bike and got straight back on. She sure did!! And our flighty little Frincess rode her bike straight into a hedge soon after!

Now do you think Frincess would give up learning how to ride her bike? ….

No she had no intentions of giving up learning how to ride her bike. With leaves stuck in her golden hair she once again straightened out her bike and hopped back on but only to ride it straight into garbage cans. Do you think that maybe this time Frincess would give up learning how to ride her bike? … No absolutely not. Frincess from Frogo does not like to fail at things. She checked her skinned knees, placed the garbage cans upright, got back on her bike and pushed the peddles forward. Then she skidded off in a muddy puddle which left her looking ever so funny with her green skin looking rather brown from the mud and of course leaves were still stuck in her hair. I thought Frincess would have given up at that moment. What do you think??… Do you think Frincess would give up learning how to ride her bike after falling in the mud??…. No – so determent was she to learn how to ride her bike.

Oh gosh! I lost count at how many times Frincess toppled off her bike and she fell off for the same reasons almost every time. She would lose her concentration and therefore would lose her balance.

After seeing her fall off for around the tenth time, Pat came up with a really good idea. He kindly added a set of trainer wheels to her bike. He was most concerned for Frincess who happens to be our future queen of Croco Galaxy. Falling off bikes can really leave a person hurt.

The trainer wheels certainly made a difference. Her balance was far better and therefore she managed to stay on her bike and ride it around and really learn how to control her bike. Frincess managed to do a right hand turn and then a left hand turn and she even managed to ride her bike in a big circle. Well done Frincess!!

Her determination was worth it. She can now control her bike and she doesn’t fall off nearly as much.

So if you are learning how to ride your bike beware you may fall off a few times. But do keep trying and you will succeed just like Frincess has.

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