The Martian Ant

One day when I was looking at the sky
A shiny object caught my eye
It was silver and shaped like a big broad bean
The object was a flying machine

The flying machine shaped like a broad bean
Was the oddest thing I’d ever seen
And as I watched it come speeding down
It landed safely on the ground

When the door flung open that’s when I did see
A Martian Ant staring straight back at me
He wore a helmet, jacket and pants
He truly was a Martian Ant

“Hello” I said, “What is your task”
“Are you on a mission may I ask?”
“It has to be something as big as the stars”
“Because this is Earth and you flew from Mars”

“Well hello to you to” said the Martian Ant
“I will answer you questions as much as I can”
“Indeed I did, I flew from Mars”
“And I am on a mission that is as ig as the stars”

“Ig as the stars” I asked, “What does ig Mean?”
“Ig is not an English word that I have heard or seen”

“No” Said the Martian Ant “Ig is not a word”
“At least not in English that we have seen or heard”
“On Mars we speak words like ig, uzz and ees”
“Yet they aren’t real words to you or to me”

“Ig, uzz and ees even to Martians sound strange”
“Let me tell you” said the Martian “Why these words have changed”

“These words had never been in our vocabulary”
“We used to make sense by speaking perfectly”
“Yet since we have lost a letter, our words have not been clear”
“One day the sound of letter just disappeared!”

“All us Martian Ants looked around ”
“We searched on different planets and stars”
“We tried to find the missing letter”
“But it just simply escaped from Mars”

“So the reason I have come to Earth is, I really need to check”
“As I may find the missing letter in your English alpha- et”

“Alpha-et what is that? What does alpha-et mean?”
“Is alpha-et an English word?”
“Not that I have heard or seen”

“No” the Martian Ant replied “alpha-et is not a word”
“At least not in English that we have seen or heard”

“It’s the fault of the missing letter that makes the word sound weird”
“If we could find the missing letter then a real word may appear”

“Alpha-et, alpha-et now let’s all try and see”
“What is missing from this word”
“Which letter could it be”

“Could it be? could it be the letter B
“Yes it is, Can you see? it is the letter B”

Lets write the word ALPHA- ET
And lets place the letter B
After the second letter A
And before the letter E
Now Alpha-et
Makes Alphabet Can you see?

“Well blow me down” said the Martian Ant
“Yes I see and I understand”
“Alpha-et was missing a letter”
“Adding the b makes it so much better”

It changes Alpha-et which is not a real word
To Alphabet and that I have seen and heard”

“But although the word alphabet sound so much better”
“Should we be looking for another missing letter?”

What other letter does the Martian Ant need?

We need look NO further for it is the letter b
The letter b is what the Martian Ants need
Because if we write a b before ig,uzz and ees
We will get perfect words, big, buzz and bees!

Can you see? Can you see they just need the letter b

“I can see I can see” said the Martian Ant
He was jumping for joy and clapping his hands
“The missing letter truly is the letter b”
“So I need to take this b home with me”

As the Martian Ant walked into his flying machine
He turned and said “thank you all for helping me”
“Without your help I may not have found the missing letter”
“And with b back on Mars our words will sound better”

The Martian Ant then flew his flying machine
All the way home with the letter b
He flew through the clouds and past many stars
Until he and b landed on Mars.

A note from Gerry: I hope you enjoyed the little story about the Martian Ant. Time for bed now. Good night Earth Angel and sleep tight . xxx

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