The Boogie Man

Boy did I wake up in a hurry this morning.

Here I was still dreaming pleasantly when all of a sudden Frincess jumped over me trying to find some space for herself in my sleep capsule. When I asked her what was going on, her mumbled voice from underneath my blanket informed me she had seen a boogie man.
herman-boogyman“A Boogie what!” I asked
“A boogie man, you know Boooogie Maaaan!!!” she answered in a long but strong whisper.

Well no matter what planet you are from, every adult knows there is no such thing as a boogie man and so I tried to explain this to Frincess. You see the boogie man is nothing but a spooky story. He truly isn’t real.

But with her head still safely hidden under my blanket I soon realized Frincess wasn’t going to believe me no matter what I said. So I decided there was only one thing for me to do and that was to promise her I would go and look for this so called boogie man.

You will hardly believe what I saw next!!

I saw this big white thing swooning around the hallway going “boo”.

Whatever this thing was I knew it was just pretending to be a boogie man because I know for sure that a boogie man is not a real thing. And whatever this thing was, I don’t think it was able to see very well because it kept walking into walls and doors. And every time he walked into a wall or door, his “boo’s” would change to “boo ouch”! “boo ouch”!

Does that sound like a so called boogie man to you??

No of course not.

Besides, there was something ever so familiar about this white swooning thing saying “boo ouch”!.

And then I saw a clue as to who this could be. You see this white thing swooning around had big hairy brown feet. Who do you know that has big hairy brown feet? Yes Herman has big hairy brown feet doesn’t he!

Herman was wearing a white sheet pretending to be a boogie man and he was going around saying “boo” and “boo ouch”!

I tiptoed quietly back to my sleeping capsule and told Frincess what I saw. Now I thought Frincess would feel safe and happy knowing there was no such thing as a real boogie man. But guess what?… she got all huffy!!!!

Frincess leapt out of my space capsule and snuck down the hallway until she stood right behind Herman. All of a sudden, in her loudest voice ever, Frincess let out the scariest boooooo I ever did hear.

Herman got such a surprise he leapt up in the air and when he tried to run away he ran straight into a wall and banged his head again. Ouch!!

That’s not all!! As he tried to take off running again, the sheet he was wearing tripped him up!. Herman fell to the ground and as he was trying to stand up, he was getting all tangled up in his boogie man sheet. The more he tried to stand up the more he was getting tangled up. Like a big brown fluffy ball, Herman was rolling around trying to get himself from under his sheet.

When he finally managed to pop his head free from under the sheet, the first thing he saw was a pair of green feet. Oops! I bet Herman was surprised to see Frincess standing right there.

Boy oh boy! I had never seen Herman look so embarrassed. Here he was thinking he played a good trick on Frincess yet she had played his trick straight back on him.

You can never tell how your trick is going to work out now can you! because your trick may be just as good when somebody plays it back on you.

And as for boogie men? Trust me children for I am a wise Alien, there is no such thing as a boogie man. They are not real. So sleep tight and only dream of nice things.

Now that Frincess knows boogie men are not real, I think she will sleep a lot better too.

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