Fishing Trip

This week has been so funny I can’t wait to tell you all about it. As you know Herman is a bit of a trickster with a great sense of humour. This week however a very good trick was played on him and it was Frincess who tricked him…
It happened by the riverbank which is Pat’s favourite spot to spend his time. He and Herman had decided to go fishing and so Frincess and I packed a picnic lunch before going down to see how Pat and Herman were getting on trying to catch fish.

While Pat caught his first fish, Herman was still waiting to catch his and that’s when Frincess quietly hopped into the water and swam down to where Herman’s fishing line was. On his fishing line she hooked on a t-shirt that had writing on it and then tugged on his line which made Herman think he had caught a fish. You should have seen his face when he pulled out the t-shirt that read ’ I am not a fish’ Herman was very surprised as you could imagine.

When Pat caught his second fish, again Frincess hopped into the water and this time she hooked on an old boot. When Herman reeled it in he was ever so confused. In the mean time Frincess couldn’t stop laughing. I must say Herman did look funny being oh so confused with it all. Pat caught fish number three and Herman caught a glove thanks to Frincess. And when Pat reeled in fish number four, Herman reeled in a torch.

When Frincess hopped into the water for the fifth time she noticed a fish already dangling on Pat’s fishing line. As she looked down onto the river bed for something else to hang on Herman’s line she noticed that only one small fish was left swimming in the area. Frincess decided Herman should really catch at least one fish and that’s exactly what happened. As Herman reeled in his first caught fish he was so excited. He ran over to Frincess and showed her his catch for the day. Then he did the nicest thing ever. He gave the fish to Frincess. He really wanted her to have it because he knew how much she loved them. Needless to say Frincess felt awful excepting the fish after all the tricks she had played on him. She told me there and then she will never play another trick on Herman ever again. But do you know what? Frincess and Herman love to play tricks on each other, so let’s just wait and see because I am sure there will be a next time.

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