Farm Adventure

Well hello to you,

I’m glad you are visiting us again because it gives me an opportunity to tell you all about our adventure we had this week. Pat, Herman, Frincess and myself were invited to visit a Farm. This was a farm that had many cows and these type of farms are called dairy farms.

This dairy farm had around three hundred cows. Yes THREE HUNDRED!!! That’s a lot of cows isn’t it?. And all these cows give milk to the farmer. The milk we drink comes from cows, did you know that?

Anyway, the farmer who’s name is Dan had asked us to come early in the morning so we could watch how milk was taken out of the cow. But boy we had no idea how early dairy farmers started work. We had to be there 4 o’clock in the morning!. Wow that’s even before the sun comes up!.


We managed to wake each other up and arrive at the dairy farm to see something quite amazing. We saw all these cows walk to the milking sheds by themselves. We thought that was very clever because they use no alarm clock and certainly nobody told them to go. All the cows just new it was time to walk over and be milked. Even when all the cows walked into the shed they new what was going to happen. Farmer Dan and all his helpers placed these cups on each of the cows teats. The teats are those big pink things hanging down under the cows belly and that’s where all the milk comes out of. The cows just stood there patiently while these cups automatically sucked the milk out. Isn’t that amazing!!

Farmer Dan wasn’t to pleased though when he saw Herman place a cup on Pat’s tail. Good old Herman, he is such a trickster.

Now Farmer Dan explained to us that in the olden days, dairy farmers had to milk cows by hand as there was no milking machines available back then. All farmers had to squeeze the cows teats with their hands and have the milk go into a bucket. Herman ( surprise surprise) decided he would like to try milking the old fashion way so with bucket in hand he climbed a wire fence and walked into a paddock towards a cow. But guess what? The cow wasn’t a cow but it was a bull!!!. Bulls are boy cows and they don’t give milk. Nor are many of them friendly either.

The bull saw Herman coming and started running towards him with his head down ready to buck Herman back over the fence. We had never seen Herman run so fast!. He ran and ran and finally got to the fence. Herman jumped over it just in time. The bull stopped at the fence and just looked at Herman as if to say ‘don’t you ever come into my paddock again’.

Well thanks to Herman we all learned not to ever go near a Bull so don’t you ever try to go near a bull either will you. And thanks to farmer Dan we learned how milk comes out of cows.

Enjoy your glass of milk kids!
Love Gerry

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