A Letter

Well I did something very different this week. I actually wrote a letter in my own hand writing. In other words I used a pen and a piece of paper and I wrote it all out by hand.
Now in Croco Galaxy we write letters using a computerised writing matron.

The writing matron is a small machine like computer that we just talk into and it writes the letter out for us. Then when the letter is done, the writing matron sends it to the person you wrote the letter to. I guess it’s a little like sending somebody an email from your modern day computers really.

So writing out a letter using a pen and a piece of paper was a new experience for me.

This is a very old fashioned way of contacting other people but I have to say it was quite fun.

I decided to write this letter in my own hand writing because I felt it would give my letter a personal touch and it would let the person I was writing it to know that I was thinking about them.

Well I started my letter by writing ‘ Dear Friend’ and then I wrote ‘ I miss you’ and I finished the letter off by saying ‘ Love Gerry’.

When I finished writing I folded the paper neatly so that it would fit into an envelope. On this envelope I wrote my friends name and also the address where my friend lived. This is very important information for the postman because if you don’t write a name and address on the envelope then the postman wouldn’t know where or who to deliver the letter to.

Have you ever written a letter in your own hand writing??

It’s quite simple really and so much fun!!

All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen or a pencil.

Hey!! why don’t you write a letter to your mum??

Perhaps you can write ‘Dear mum’ and then draw a big smiley face. Then underneath the smiley face you can put ‘Lots of love …….’ and then write your name. When have finished writing you letter, you then neatly fold it to fit into an envelope. Then on the front of the envelope you can write ‘ MUM and then put your address on it to.

Anyway I placed my envelope in a big post box just up the street. From there the mail man collected it and soon afterwards my letter was delivered to my friend.

I watched Frincess grab the letter out of our mailbox and she was delighted to see it was addressed to her. I just wanted her to know what a good friend she is. Isn’t writing a letter a great way to tell somebody you care about them!!

Anybody special in your life would appreciate kind words from you. It’s all so simple!!

Just write them a letter.

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